Who we are

True Craftsmanship

Brian & Jenny Williams

Portrait Photographers & Giclée Print Makers

Jenny, Asa & Brian. Christmas 2021

Jenny comes from a printing and fine finishing background.
She knows you will enjoy a tangible portrait the longest.
She is the inspiration of our “Picture Panel” image finishing.

Brian began making pictures at at early age, working as a commercial assistant, commercial photographer, portrait photographer, photojournalist, and custom photographic printer.

For the past 17 years now, Brian has been a full-time portrait photographer and production manager, working with Anne Hilling at HILLING DESIGN fine portraiture, in Bellevue, WA.

Brian and Jenny are now taking the lead with Genuine Studio & Co., carrying on the long-established tradition of quality and service built at HILLING DESIGN fine portraiture!

We want to give you quality, finished portraits as easily as possible.

HILLING DESIGN fine portraiture, is now in partnership with, Genuine Studio & Co.

Anne and Brian along with Brian’s wife Jenny, are still working together to carry on the
long tradition of Quality and Service built at HILLING DESIGN fine portraiture!


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