Finished portraits with ease

Finding the right photographer

We all want wonderful images of our loved ones.
And of course we hope they will show true personality!

But where do you go? How can you know you will look your best,
have an easy experience and love the results?

•As you look at photographers

You will see many different styles. Do not fear that you don’t know enough about it- quality is visible! Trust your feelings when you are drawn to some more than others.

•When you meet with photographers

They should display confidence and empathy. You should feel comfortable enough to ask all your questions.

•Consider the end product

Look for a quality of finishing that will endure as a permanent piece. Expert print-making and professional mounting can ensure years of enjoyment.

•Cost comfort is important

Be sure you understand the options; but don’t skimp and risk disappointment.

Pricing & Packages

Portrait Session

Portrait Sessions start at $250
Prints are priced individually

Plan on spending at least a few hundred dollars

$250 +


Headshot Portrait
For Publicity
High School Yearbook
Digital Publish Ready Image

Package to be Pre-Paid
Session Fee Included



Copyrighted Image